Thursday, October 23, 2008

Appointments Appointments

Monday I had another appointment at the low risk clinic. It was much better than the last visit, but I must add either way I have been so lucky to be seeing the most wonderful doctor ever. Her name is Jennifer, and she is funny, sensitive, reassuring and has really helped make the “icky” parts of this journey more bearable than I anticipated. I was measured again and she was able to differentiate between my uterus and cyst this time. My cyst comes up really high (like 2 inches below my ribs when I lay down) and my uterus measured 17 weeks as apposed to the 19 I measured last visit . My left side is slightly bigger than the right. She received my previous ultrasound report before she went ahead and made me an earlier ultrasound appointment, and decided we were okay to wait for the 18- 20 week ultrasound. This is bittersweet I suppose… I wanted to see the baby earlier, but I have a normal liquid cyst and they aren’t going to let anyone get too worked up about it for the time being. So that was better to hear than other possibilities.
At the end of this appointment the doctor decided to see if we could hear the baby’s heartbeat this time around, and we did! It was tricky to find but she found it. That put a smile on Jason’s face as well as mine. J (p.s. I have been sooo lucky to have such a supportive husband through all of this. He has been to every appointment, and even for silly bloodtests. I am such a baby, but need him there for comfort and support. I am so thankful he is so willing)
Wednesday I had another appointment but it was with the dentist- WOW. Simple polishing and scaling never hurt so much, but when you are pregnant the hormones make your gums over sensitive and mine bled a lot. It felt like she was shredding my gum lines with a mini blade. However this appointment was bittersweet too, during the cleaning, and scaling I enjoyed a leg and foot massage the whole time. It really helped me relax and felt wonderful. I was even debating switching clinics because I live far away from their office now, but they made a happy patient outta me for as long as I live in Calgary.


Megan C said...

I'm so glad that the cyst is a liquid one! I am also so excited that you got to hear your baby's heartbeat! Isn't that amazing???? I think that it is great that you have such a good doctor. I'll bet that that helps.
Oh and P.S. I knew that Jason would be there for all of your appointments. . . he's going to be a great dad!!

Anonymous said...

Brian won't want me to write this, but we BOTH cried when we heard Reese's heartbeat for the first time. Its so amazing to know that there is a little life forming inside of you. I had no idea you had a cyst. Hope everything goes well with that. I am glad you found my blog! I love finding friends with blogs, and yours is too cute. I love the pictures of Max. Have you decided if you want to know your baby's gender yet?

Emily said...

i have never heard of such a spa-like dental experience! i'm jealous! :) not of the bleeding gums of course!! don't you feel like you always have an appointment? there is so much to be done and have checked when you're pregnant. just wait till you're further along and you have to get measured and checked every week!! i'm glad things are stable for you, a cyst could make me a little stressed out, you seem to be handling it all well. Plus you're lucky Jason is such a great husband!!! A lot of husbands I know aren't so supportive (not mine of course :) )