Friday, October 3, 2008

The joyful ride so far...

First off I just want to thank everyone for the positive, uplifitng and kind comments so far. I am just so touched :)
I want to add lots of details about this on my blog because I am not that good at journaling lately, and I find blogging a more fun and easy way to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences.
The first 8 weeks of my pregnancy were a dream! I was almost in denial that I was pregnant, except the missed periods seem to keep me thinking that it was definately a real deal. Not to mention the positive tests.
Week nine was absolutley from Hell. There's no better way to put it. I came down on a Monday night with (what I didn't know was) a UTI. I had never had one before and it kept me up ALL night with pain and discomfort until the morning came and I could send Jason to the store when it opened to buy me cranberry pills and monose powder to cleanse it out. ( I thought I could go the natural way just fine)
Anyways the powder made the discomfort subside slightly and I could nap but my stomach had sharp pains, and I was so sick and nauseas. I think going a night without sleep just zapped my body terribly because the baby took any energy and nutrients I had, and my body was fighting an infection and I was left to feel like death. I had heachaches beyond belief, chills, shakes and everything. I kept asking for blessings over and over again. This was going on for 3 days! I soon stopped taking the powder, thinking that the infection had to be done with by now, but I didn't know that the infection had travled to my kidneys and I had to go on antibiotics.
Week 10 let me see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I gained back strength to a degree but I was still so incredibly exhausted all the time. Week 11 felt pretty much the same and now I am in week 12 and things are finally feeling pretty good. I went to the gym and did aerobics classes and want to keep that up most of my second trimester, before I get to big and uncomfortable.
Well bare with me because I am going to spend a few posts reminising the past few months and recording things that I don't want to forget about my pregnancy. I would have to say I have been really lucky. I had one terrible week and lots of tiredness but I know some women suffer harder and longer than that. My heart goes out to you now more than ever!
As of yesterday we did find out that everything is going super with the baby, and that was an answer to many many prayers. However I am worried and a little panicky because I do have a large cyst on my ovary. It's so large that the bulge I felt when rubbing my lower abdomen with my hand was what I thought to be my growing baby, but it is actually the cyst! I have more doctors appointments and the doctor doesn't want me to worry, but how on earth does he expect me to NOT worry!!! (I think it is just protocal to say that) I guess they do see them sometimes in 12 week ultrasounds and the hopes are that it will shrink, but it could continue to grow quite large or rupture. Rupturing can be mild or a very painful and sick experience. So I am praying that things will be okay, and I'm scared no matter what. If anyone had this experience before please tell me and let me know what happened in your case. Thanks again for your congratulations, and support :)


The Edwards Clan! said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys! =D

And, I also have a cyst that developed after 11 weeks of this pregnancy. My midwives said not to worry about it. But there could be a chance (not a big one) of early delivery. And at 38 weeks, no baby yet!

I did have a lot of pain from it when I was around 20 weeks, I got really sick, actually just as sick as it sounds like you got from your UTI. I was in the most excrutiating pain and I didn't yet know I had the cyst, so I didn't know what the pain was from.

Anyhow, since then, no problems with it. And baby is good and healthy!

I hope you have a great pregnancy!

Jacki said...

I wanted to add my congratulations. (This is Jason's cousin). I am so sorry about the miserable few weeks you have had. My first trimester was pretty awful, but after that it was great. And even when I got big I wasn't very there is hope for the next few months! It is such an exciting time. Best wishes.

Blake and Catherine Potter said...

I can't relate with the cysts, but with the UTI oh my the time I thought I was going to DIE! I also look up to the women who are sooo sick their first trimester, I only felt nauseated but I didn't throw up. It'll keep getting more and more exciting especially when you start showing!!