Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Sunday Walk

Yesterday was so nice out! Jason and I went for a walk with Max around the Glenmore Reservoir between Conference Sessions. There were a lot of people on the bike and walking paths, who were all enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. It was a little bit windy but I loved it, the air was so fresh and it smelled like fall. It was seriously the best moment I have had so far in this season. There were a lot of waves in the water too which I have never seen before, it is usually so calm. But the sound of them was nice, and refreshing. I have always ment to bring my camera down there when I go walking with Max or with my friend Lindsay because it's such pretty spot and I have wanted to capture the beauty of it in pictures. I just LOVE living so close to this area. It really allows me step outside the feeling of living in a crowded city and I find a lot of peace there and gives me a chance to clear my head too :)


Megan C said...

It looks like Max enjoys it too!

The Selks said...

I too love going on walks. It totally gets my mind clear and makes me appreciate nature more. Sure looks pretty there. Fall is totally the best time of year cause of all the colors.