Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An update

Today I had an appointment with the doctor and I measured 19 weeks, and I am suppose to be 13! She asked me if there were two babies in there, and I said "no". My doctor hadn't recieved my ultrasound report so she had no idea about the cyst, but I could tell she was a little shocked with how high I seemed to be carrying already and how big I was. Not very comforting to hear. I know it's the cyst, and the only bonus to looking way bigger then your suppose to, and knowing you have something in you that is bigger than the baby itself, is that I get to have another ultrasound earlier than 18 weeks. So we get to see the baby sooner. It was also the appointment for my first physical, and what a delightful experience that was. Today is just one of those days.


Megan C said...

That sounds discouraging. I do love, however that you are updating us on your blog so that I don't have to call you every day to find out what's going on with your pregnancy! Trust me. . . you would get annoyed with me really quickly! We'll pray for you and the baby! Let us know when your ultrasound appointment is okay?

Mark & Emily said...

Wow, that is crazy that you are measuring so much bigger. Well that is good that you are able to have more ultrasounds. I'm sure everything will be great, Just make sure those doctors take care of you and your growing baby the way they should!
Thanks for the update :)