Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stud Muffin!

I know when the baby comes along I will probably ease up on the amount of photos I post of my dog! But he's our pride and joy (for the time being) and I know he is ridiculously cute. I am sure some of you who read my blog, and aren't dog lovers yourself, most likely your roll your eyes at me, but I love dogs and animals. It also makes me sad to think that he might have a hard time adjusting to the baby, and I hope more than anything that he doesn't go into depression or a jealous fury.
On a side note, we had family photos taken on Thanksgiving Monday. Jason's Aunt is very talented. His Aunt Judy was so sweet and did a whole morning photo shoot with all of Jason's family, including nieces and nephews. It was really nice, and lately I really feel like part of their family now more than ever. It can take some time and adjusting to fit in comfortably with in-laws. But I love them and really enjoy when everyone on Jason's side can get together.
However I am getting super excited for Christmas since Thanksgiving because that will be our next huge family get together and it will be with MY family! Yaaaah!

He's actually sitting up on his butt in this picture. He is so tiny, the few leaves around him cover half of his body.

Jason, Me, and Max (I'm with both of my stud muffins) My sister keeps telling me not to complain and that I should embrace everything that comes with pregnancy but I am not digging my puffiness in the picture, especially in my face. It's still a framer though and I do love this one a lot. We all know that we're always our own worst critic.


The Selks said...

I hope your puppy won't be jealous either! he looks so cute in those photos and so do you!!

Emily said...

those are ADORABLE of your puppy!!!! and are you crazy???? you don't look puffy at all!! you are beautiful!!! i love the family pic!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great photos!

The Edwards Clan! said...

That last post was from me!! I didn't realize I was signed in on Jamie's account!

Mark & Emily said...

I LOVE puppies, so I can totally understand. He is such a cute little guy!
And yes, you are absolutely nuts. You don't look puffy, you look great! Very cute family photo.

mum2brady said...

I don't think you look puffy at all Suzanne - and i'm with your sister - embrace this first pregnancy - it's all new and fun and exciting!!! Love the pics - and Max looks so handsome :)