Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome Back!

Nana and Grandpa Lee are back from Australia AND New Zealand! They've posted some pretty incredible photos on facebook throughout their entire trip to keep us up to speed but they had a lot of cool experiences to share with us when they got home, and of course a few presents too.
We were happy to have them over for dinner last night because we hadn't seen them in so long and let's be honest, we knew they had zero food. I love it when we get invited to eat somewhere after being away for a while and I haven't stocked my fridge yet.
Brooklynn has been a little spoiled with how much she has seen them lately. She even got to stay up late the night of their arrival as we brought her with us to pick them up from the airport.
I'm sure this isn't the easiest Monday for Nana and Grandpa to head back to work as they have been living in the future (by about 17 hours or so) for the last 3 weeks and all the flying and vacationing would be rather exhausting. We're wishing you a quick and easy adjustment and again, welcome back!

By the look on his face I think it is safe to say Max was the MOST excited about his present- a leather outback hat!
Brooklynn was pretty excited too, she got her own penguin just like the ones the Nana and Grandpa saw on their trip.
Brooklynn likes to do her "waddle, waddle" all the time. She has a love for penguins and it is pretty cute.
Some bragging rights for me. The "Tarata T" (the hardest puzzle to do in this little brainteaser game they brought back from New Zealand-it was tricky)


Jenna Lee said...

waddle waddle.... oh too cute!
and I love max's hat!!!

Elizabeth said...

How fun to go to Australia and New Zealand! Jealous!

That "T" puzzle thing doesn't look to hard just by looking at it. However, I do believe you and I bet it is really tough. Good job for accomplishing that. I don't have much patience when it comes to things like that.