Friday, September 9, 2011

Family Comes Together...

We spend a LOT of time with family.  More so Jason's side but that's because they all live in Calgary or somewhere in Alberta for the most part.  It's great being close to love ones.  It's great enjoying activities with cousins and sisters and brother's in law.  I love how much we can do with one another and have a good time.  It's great to have them around for more than the good times...  It's even more great to have family around for the hard times.  So amidst the laughs and fun there are struggles and those are when we REALLY see family come together- stronger and more loving than the good times would have us be even.
On Tuesesday we said farewell to Uncle Brant.  I have never felt so much love for and between family members - especially extended family members.  I don't want to go into home much sorrow and sadness I felt because everyone knows how hard it is to see someone close pass away.  It was sudden, shocking and heartbreaking the way he left but with all the hearts clinging to together for strength at such a hard time I felt a lot of peace.  I hope poor Aunt Marilyn, their children and other immediate family members find that peace too.  He will be missed dearly and I can honestly say I didn't know him all that well but did see him often enough at family gatherings and knew his family well enough to feel the affect/ emptiness of Brant leaving (not to the same extent of others) and with that I can try to sympathize with Marilyn because losing my husband would be one of if not the HARDEST thing for me, or losing my child (in Grandma and Grandpa's case), losing my father- I would be devastated... and a sibling?!?  ALL of the above are just/ seem to be too much to bare.  So we continue to pray and pray for those who have a gaping hole in their hearts right now because such a kind and wonderful person has left them for some time.
A lot of perspective hits you in times like this and that perspective is that families CAN be together forever. This is not the end.  And that possibility makes me want to work my butt off to be with mine forever and ever and to make the most of the time we have together in mortality.

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