Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Utah Weather is looking Fabulous!

I am soo happy right now! My mood just changed very quickly because a moment ago I was ready to curse this blasted weather again!! Our T.V. keeps going fuzzy because the rain is coming down so hard and the satalite is losing it's signal. It looks dark, ugly and very wet outside so I have been couped up all evening with Max. It would be soo nice to go for a walk and enjoy the evening, but no it is pouring STILL. Anyways if you are still wondering what changed my mood all you have to do is read the title of this blog. :) When we arrive to Utah on Thursday it is going to be +20'C AND sunny, then on Friday it will be 25 and 29 degrees on Saturday!! WHOO HOOO!!

I am crossing my fingers that I might even get a little bit of a tan!!!

Calgary is suppose to rain continually until Monday next week, and that it when we come back home. So for all of you stuck here in the rain till then I hope you find some way to enjoy it. Sorry for rubbing anything in there but I can't hold back the excitement. Seriously. :)


Mark & Emily said...

Why are you going to Utah? So jealous!
Well I'll just stay cooped up in my dark gloomy house while you enjoy your sunny utah lol.
Good for you guys, that'll be fun :)

Megan C said...

Okay, you can go down to Utah and enjoy the beautiful weather, the wonderful wedding and the fun cousins and I will stay here and enjoy Max.

Suzanne Lee said...

Oh Megan - thats tough competition! Max is a lot to enjoy and I will miss him dearly. Jason will be missing his little guy like crazy though.
Emily- We are going to Utah for our friends wedding. Jordan and Jason are best friends so we had to be there on the BIG day. I think it'll be a lot of fun too :)

The Edwards Clan! said...

Hey Suzanne,
I just saw you have a blog!
Have fun in Utah!

Blake & Catherine Potter said...

Enjoy it!!! We miss it there, too bad we're not there I woulda loved to see you and meet your hubby :)

Emily said...

I agree! Rain stinks. We're having the same problem with our satellite. It's so annoying! Why are you guys going to Utah? Have fun! I love going there! I hope you get your tan!

Emily said...

oh nevermind, i read why you're going to utah. :) jordan's wedding.

Team Kirk said...

have a great holiday! If you wanted some sun though you could have just come back to Ottawa! ;) hehe, it's been soooo hot, I wish we had a swimming pool!