Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Fabulous Trip

Well I have plenty of photos to come but a lot to say as well. Jason and I had a great time in Utah and the weather was sooo nice! I was happy to hear that Calgary got a break from the rain earlier than expected too. Summer started incredibly late this year, and I am happy that it finally feels like it is hear to stay :) (My fingers are crossed) We arrived to Salt Lake City late on Thursday afternoon. We took a shuttle to Rugged Rental and picked up our hot little car, it was a touring edition Sebring. We called it the blue Ferrari! Than we drove to his Aunt Christie's house, who lives is Highland UT. I can't fully explain how much fun we had with them, and how sweet and awesome they are. They have a beautiful home, and a huge backyard that we enjoyed playing soccer in. One of their neighbors had chickens, and the other had a mule! So it was a nice balance of country and suburbia living, my kind of heaven! Jason and I enjoyed some shopping at the Park City Outlets on Friday...actually A LOT of shopping. The deals there were incredible. Jason got some very nice golf apparell which I am assuming that he can't wait to sport properly on the green... Lets hope he gets enough school done first :) Saturday we spent ALL day celebrating Jordan and Trisha's official sealing and wedding party. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple and let me tell you that place is like a bride and groom factory! They were everywhere!! I think there were over 40 sealings on that one Saturday. Imagine how many weddings happen through the whole summer let alone the whole YEAR!?! But their wedding was just beautiful. The sealer mentioned that even though we see many weddings happening all around us we can't be blind that there are a lot of divorces too. When we are married in the temple we have a lot of adversity to deal with still because Satan is detemined to have it not work out and it will seem very hard at times to make our marriage work. But the tools are there for us, and it can work. We have to use the tools given to us continually. By doing so we can have a successful marriage. I loved hearing that because I know marriage is tough and it is really hard for most people, but we have so much promised to us and so many blessings that our Heavenly Father wants to us to enjoy with our Eternal Companion. We just have to do our part, and going to the temple and hearing the blessings that are promised to you in a temple marriage makes the work seem easier an so much more worth it. "To Infinity and Beyond!" (haha the temple sealer ACTUALLY quoted Buzz Light Year in the sealing room, he said, "now I know that's not scripture, but it's GOOD!") He had an intersting sense of humor... but either way I liked it! We enjoyed consistent beautiful weather during our stay and enjoyed just being able to relax a bit even though sometimes there was a lot going on. It was hard to leave none the less but we will visit again soon, hopefully! I have many many pictures and as soon as I sort through them I will be able to post them. My next post will be mostly photos with captions so check back soon.

Our hot little car!


Megan C said...

I'm so glad that you guys had fun. If you go again, I might sneak into your suitcase! Oh and P.S. I would post photos, but it actually shuts down my internet whenever I try. . . but I will keep on trying. . . they are up on my facebook though.

Emily said...

wow sounds like a busy, fun weekend! I'm glad you said all that about marriage, it's a good reminder!! looking forward to seeing your pictures!

mum2brady said...

Love that Ferrari, Suzanne! We had the most wonderful time with you guys! You need to come back and visit again!!!