Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our little guy

Maximus Decimus Meridius - It's tough being so darn cute ya know!

This is Max and his mangled one-eye bunny. I had to throw it away because it was so disgusting!Huge Chihuahua ears from his mommy, and some yorkie colouring from his dad.
"They took my MANHOOD!"
This is the third member of our little family as of now. We love him to death! I have to dedicate a post to him just so people know about him and can see some pictures of him and his cuteness. Maximus went under sugery two days ago to get chopped. It was a hard decision for a while because he's so small (4.5 lbs), and has beautiful markings, therefore he would have made a really great stud and we may have wanted another puppy down the road. But we want him for a family pet and a neutered dog handles better in some respects. They don't get these manly urges and stuff... However it was so hard for me to see him the day he came home from the vet, he looked soo incredibly sad! We love our little guy though :)


Megan C said...

Maximus!! I sure do love that little guy!!

mum2brady said...

Max - you are such a cutie!!! Guess he can go stay at Auntie Megan's house now huh?? Looking forward to seeing you guys! Only a few days :)

Bill Smith said...


Max is a cutie. I sent your blog link to Mandy so she could show Mom. The apartment grounds looks nice and I guess you got some rain to make things green. It was 41 on the humdix here yesterday. I put up another fill-up pool for Matthew and he will be enjoying it tonight.