Monday, June 30, 2008

MY HUSBAND...... If you read this consider yourself tagged!

What is his name... Jason Murray Lee
How long have we been together... We have been married 1 year and 2 months. If you want to include the time we dated it will be 2 years as of this October.
How long did you date... We dated almost 4 months before we were engaged
Who eats more... Sadly I do. Jason is diciplined to stop eating when hes satisfied. I often eat to the point of complete bloating... Over eating is BAD I know!
Who said I love you first... Aha tricky! Jason asked me if I loved him (sneaky I know) and I said yes BUT he replied with "good, because I love you". So he officially said I LOVE YOU first. I think it should be the guy first too. But if you know Jason well enough he says it the other way around.
Who is taller... Jason - Thank Goodness!
Who is smarter... Jason is very book smart and I am Fountain Smart
Who does laundry... I do more and finish what he starts. It's less of a disaster when I do it!
Who sleeps on the right... If you are looking at the bed from the foot, I sleep on the right.
Who mows the lawn.... We don't have a lawn of our own. Although Jason is in charge of mowning the property around our buildings or in charge of getting someone to do it.
Who cooks dinner... I love cooking! I just wish I had more time to practice and learn. Jason does have a special dish that he cooks sometimes.
Who drives... We share one car for now and he drives 99% of the time. However if we are driving a standard car I take the wheel.
Who is the most stubborn... Yikes! We can both be stubborn about certain things I can't say one is more than the other... but for the simple cause of humbling myself I will say that I am a lot more :)
Who kissed who first... He kissed me first on our second date.
Who asked who out first... He asked me to go golfing with him. But told me NOT to call it a date... But it was a date, he was so cute and romantic! He only told me to not call it a date because I had to turn down a date to go out with him and it sounded better to say that I just had "plans" already. I just like to tease him about that.
Who proposed... He did of course! We have a video to prove it to.
Who has more friends... I have friends all over the map but Jason has tons of friends in Calgary and does a lot more with his friends. So I would say he does...
Who is most sensitive... Haha need you ask??? I cry over everything.
Who has more siblings... Its a tie! He's the middle of 5, and I am the second of 5.
Who wears the pants... He does for the most part but I am the one who works away from home 9-5 while he's at home working, sometimes cleaning and playing with our dog. Tables will turn and he will completely wear the pants soon enough!


Megan C said...

Great interview. . . I even learned a few things. . . hmmmmm

Mark & Emily said...

Suzanne that video is so cute!! I've never seen it before. I was smiling the whole time while watching it haha. I loved your scream, it was so funny.
And I can definitely relate to some things in that survey lol

Team Kirk said...

I watched your video... what a great thing to have! I loved it!