Sunday, June 8, 2008

Congrats to the "Almost Newly Weds"

Our good friends Jordan Allred and his bride-to-be had their pre-wedding reception on Saturday. It was very lovely and to be honest it was soo nice to attend a lovely wedding where I didn't really have to do any work. In the last year I, my sister and some extended family have gotten married and between setting up and taking things down and doing lots of driving they can leave you a little exhausted afterwards. However I am sure Jordan's mom did herself in more than I have yet in this life. The reception was beautiful and the food was delicious! It was kinda nice because there reception reminded me a lot of my wedding. Jason and I had our reception at the same golf course, around the same time of year, and it was even the same weather we had - lots of RAIN!!! But that is suppose to be good luck :)

They had a pre-reception in Calgary because they were getting married in the States next weekend. I forget the terms or "technical" reasons behind this, but after they are married in the States I don't think Jordan can leave the U.S. again until he gets his greencard.

Akiyah - The Beautiful Flower Girl, and Me ( I think shes giving me a little attitude in this pic though)

I got to see some familiar faces there too. My roomate Lizzie was there with her husband and I hadn't seen her in a long time. She is about to have a baby in 2 months and it was my first time seeing her pregnant too. I am very exicted for her and her husband. It was really nice to catch up. We used to share the same room before we were married and would talk about boys and everything else that was important as a YSA until we fell asleep! So catching up to her on Saturday reminded me of all our good old chats we had while living together.

Life moves so fast it seems. Everyone is all grown up, getting married and starting families and it is really exciting. This is where we find some of the greatest joys we've been waiting for in this life! I am super happy for Jordan and Trish, they make a great couple and are soo in love! Brings back those feelings again from your own wedding day. Even though marriage can have a ton of ups and downs in the first stages and so on. I remember how excited I was to be sealed to Jason for time and eternity. I sure do love him and I am so happy to share my life with him.
Sorry for getting a little sappy there!!!!


Megan C said...

Beautiful . . . just beautiful.

Team Kirk said...

Suzanne you look beautiful in the pictures, you're so photogenic!

Emily said...

i'm glad you posted that! i probably wouldn't have seen pictures of Jordan's wife if you hadn't. Lizzie is having a baby!!!! I didn't realize how soon it was...I've been so busy with my own baby, I lost about 3 months of my life!