Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now we don't live in such a GHETTO!!!!!

So I promised to post some pictures of the new landscaping work that we've had done around the apartment buildings. I wish I had some "before" shots because it looked so bad. My friends from church said that they used to make fun of this place before we lived there because of the "whitetrash" that hung aroung it and all their crappy broken down cars, random bar b q's, and unmatching lawn chairs and tables that they would sit at and chain smoke around! So all in all we've done some serious clean up!!!

The back of the apartments. All new gardens, trees, fence and landscaping rocks.

Before we never had any Gardens just some deads shrubs up against the buildings, a dead lawn and thousands of cigarette butts all over the entrance of the building. If you dare to smoke within in 5 meters of the building now you get an eviction notice :) YAAAH!


Emily said...
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Emily said...

Looks so good!!!! They look like nice apartments....where are they?

Megan C said...

That looks AWESOME!!! Way to go!! Oh and you need to check out my latest post. . . I think you will like it!!!

Suzanne Lee said...

Hey Emily!
The condo building are right behind the Heritage Chapel. Right off of Elbow drive. They are pretty nice inside too, they were renovated about 2 years ago. Im excited for it to be all done!

mum2brady said...

It's lookin' good :) I bet J did all the work himself too - LMBO!!!! It was so fun visiting with you guys!! Thanks for hangin out with us!