Monday, June 2, 2008

The wedding, the weekend and how many family dinners?

Well I am pretty sure tonight will be # 3, and tomorrow is #4? Yes we have been around a lot of family over the weekend but it was a lot of fun! Aunt Christie (jay's aunt) is soo fun and her kids are so cute. There's been a wedding reception, birthday dinners, game nights and a ton of stuff going on. The weekend went so fast too. Well all in all I had a good time, and I'm sending my Best wishes to Chris and Kelsey while on their honeymoon! Congrats!

Ps: I know I have been bad with posting pictures lately but I really struggle with formatting them.. How do you stack your photos with writing in between ??? I can't organize a good post with pictures, whats wrong with me? Help?

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mum2brady said...

Awww - you are too nice :) I'll try and beat them into behaving while you're visiting so you'll still think they're cute :) It was fun to hang out with you guys too! It was definitely a lot of family gatherings ;) Of course you missed the best one - Chuck E. Cheese - maybe next time LOL!